It was an ordinary clay flower pot. A few years back, someone had brought it home, filled it up with some soil, and planted a Lilly bulb in it. And there it stayed since ages, among other pots in our garden.

I don’t know when or how this pot broke. When I noticed it recently, it had broken vertically and just half of it remained, with the other half missing. The bulbs inside were exposed and most of the soil had been washed away. Survival was tough!

And then, a miracle happened. Notwithstanding the harshness of the situation, one of the bulbs sprouted life. A beautiful flower bloomed, exuding hope and optimism.

But this is not a story about the die hard plant or the delicate flower. It is a story about the half flower pot who never ever felt it was incomplete in any way just because half of it broke away. In spite of all odds, it stayed put, loved and believed in itself, and helped create a beautiful world…like many of us.