I still remember the excitement of getting an online address for Sankalp, a few years back… the process of hunting a suitable domain name, collecting photographs, writing the content, and impatiently waiting for the final outcome which was being created by a friend.  And no amount of words can express the thrill I felt when the site was uploaded, as I keyed in www.sankalpevents.net in the address bar of my Google chrome.  It was with much elation that I announced that Sankalp had made its presence in the world wide web.

Finally, here was a space where I could document every activity of Sankalp. So far, such a web presence was not a necessity, since our activities were just confined to a small town called Palakkad. But 2014 saw Sankalp branch out its wings and launch its ambitious women empowerment program in the big city of Kochi. Suddenly, everything became much bigger and it became essential to connect with a wider audience.

It has been a continuing journey of over seven years now, and come November, Sankalp will reach its 16th Edition at Palakkad. What started with a tiny bit of conceptualization and a whole lot of unsure steps, have now become a way of life, with active involvement from family and friends. Kochi was followed by Kozhikode as well as Kottayam, where we have managed to make our mark felt, and God willing, we hope to cover more places in the coming years.

Change became inevitable as the Sankalp family grew, and we decided to give the old website a makeover, replacing it with a new responsive design, that includes more information and detailing, and gives prominence to a whole lot of cherished memories in the form of pictures and stories of each of our events so far.

Do check out www.sankalpevents.net, and leave behind your comments and feedback which would help us to move forward in a constructive manner.