I believe in the power of team work. Today, as Sankalp steps into its 15th edition at Kottayam, I can proudly say that we are scaling up the ladder in a steady manner only due to a fabulous teamwork, of which I had written before. Follow this link to read about the wonderful Sankalp team.

But we also have another team which always remains unseen in the background… a team of hard working, enthusiastic guys who silently do their job, and stay hidden from view. They come the previous day of the event, silently transform the drab venue to a beautiful place, and leave quietly as soon as their designated work is over. This is the team which is responsible for the décor of all Sankalp events.

Sankalp exhibitions are not just about providing a venue and a few stall spaces to participants. Its about creating an environment which is aesthetically pleasing and maintains a particular identity throughout. We are certainly blessed to be having a team which is adept at transforming dreary halls to amazingly wonderful spaces. Rain or shine, day or night, these boys work hard for hours together, and create a beautiful space for our exhibition.

I call them Tony’s boys, since the man who leads them is Tony, of Models decoraters from Palakkad. A very unassuming and creative personality, he heads this team of youngsters who diligently works in unison to create beautiful venues for various events.

This is how they have transformed the plain and empty Mammen Mappilai Hall at Kottayam to this beautiful space…